Friday, 12 August 2011

In 1984 George Orwell predicted a totalitarian state with cameras on every corner recording our every move, he called this "Big Brother". What he didn't see was the miniature camcorders and camera phones that we are all carrying, is this "Little Sister"



  • Nathan Cook is holding auditions for two comedy sketches "Mafia extract" and "Cliff Hanger" 
    As they are comedy shorts, the roles can be adapted to suit a wide range of types. Come, be funny, drink beer.
    Tuesday the 16th of August at the Lectern pub on Lewes road, opposite B&Q. At 19:00

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    Mike Shepard is looking for a male actor, over 6 feet tall to appear in a short film. A stylised piece about a private eye in the 1930's. Meal and travel expenses supplied.
    Please email

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  • Sam Headley and Bowen Revill are looking for a camera man and sound man or woman for a paranormal feature. More details on the website.







 -If you would like to propose holding a workshop for the BFC please contact the workshops coordinator Elena Saorin.



There will be a screening of films shot for the current film challenge at the Caroline of Brunswick on the 21st of August. Screenings start at 18:00 and 20:00
39 Ditchling road, Brighton, BN1 4SB

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In case you have something left from the last challenge, check out-


- As a result of the film challenge, there are now six short films in production, centred around dialogue, to be completed by Monday 15th August. They are:

"Down with Mandy" by Frances Lee

"Hello" by Tim Pieraccini

"Dusa" by Judy Upton

"The Lift" by Dick Douglass

"Overheard from the Gutter" by Richard Conolly

"Conversation with Yourself" by William Ranieri

We will also be screening "Deathilating Machine" from a previous challenge.



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