Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Weekly Bulletin 21/12/10 (Christmas Edition)

Hello !

Since this is Christmas and there were no points raised and for the most part alot of people are away we are just going to wish you a very happy Christmas and a great new year full of lots of lovely filmmaking with The Film Coalition !!! ;)

should you still want help or need to post up something then let us know and we can still send out messages and news updates :)

See you all in the new year
(we have a film challenge soon dont you know)

much love from...
Adrian "kisses the girls under the mistletoe" Worsfold
Emma "kisses the girls under the mistletoe" Bailey
The Film Coalition "we kiss anyone under the mistletoe" Coordinators

We are back on the 9th of January but keep an eye out for news !

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Weekly Bulletin 13/12/10... new look

1. CASTING/CREWING: 2 x Actors...1 x Sound Recordist
4. WORKSHOPS: Final ‘Craft of Acting Workshop’
5. FILM CHALLENGES: Anniversary Film Challenge AND Murray Hecht has a new job
Coppola, CompARTment.
7. WEBSITE UPDATES: Ideas please, we’re building one.
8. GENERAL INFO: Our Survey Says!

Keep an eye out on the website for extra news and information:



Welcome to our Blog!

Glad you could join us :)


-- 2 x Actors, Portsmouth Museums and Records Service.
To engage with the public as part of a Dickensian celebration project.
Paid & Expenses. Deadline Wednesday 5th Jan, interviews Mon 10th Jan.

-- Sound Recordist, expenses, this Friday 17th in Brighton. For a 1 day short film.
Company: The Red Red
Apply to Jake
E-mail: info@theredred.com




3. PROPS -



-- Last 'Craft of Acting' Workshop for 2010 is this Thurs 16th!
6-8pm, Studio 13, Lansdowne Mews, Farm Road.
Elena will be back next year.
E-mail: Elena.Saorin@filmcoalition.co.uk OR 07768604931 Enjoy x

-- If you have skills to run a donation based workshop for BFC members, please email Elena.
E-mail: Elena.Saorin@filmcoalition.co.uk



-- Announcing Murray Hecht is Film Challenge Coordinator for us now!! He will be heading up the February 2yr Anniversary Film Challenge! Aww, we are so young, yet so wise. As our first challenge was a 48hr one, so will this be! In collaboration with the Leeds Film Coalition. If you have any ideas for Murray please contact him here.
E-mail: murray.hecht@filmcoalition.co.uk



-- 'CompARTment' at the Open Market on London Road, wants to
screen short films. http://compartment.org.uk/ They are currently looking for a variety of filmmakers who want to exhibit work down at their space, at various times, over the next few months. The next screening is happening on Saturday 18th December from 10am-6pm.
Call Nick: 07828 737218
E-mail: info@compARTment.org.uk

-- Competition to make videos for David Lynch’s new tunes;

-- This week, Emmy’s film choice is Sofia Coppola’s ‘Somewhere’,
98 mins
www.picturehouses.co.uk/cinema/Duke_Of_Yorks/film/Some where/

Playboy lifestyle actor has to grow up and have fun with his kid...Good Soundtrack by Phoenix.


7. WEBSITE UPDATES - www.filmcoalition.co.uk

-- Steven Haw is kindly helping us re-design the site. If you have any ideas from what you need the site to do for you, please get in contact.
E-mail: BFC@filmcoalition.co.uk



-- A coalition survey will be heading your way soon. Please take your time to tell us how you feel about the last 12 months and also how you see the future of the BFC.

-- We are growing and becoming more successful, we have been free for 2yrs. Soon we have to make a decision of wether we stay free and at this level or we bring in donations to cover costs of printing and events. We have been having many meetings about certain issues to make the BFC stronger and still economical to members. We need you to share your thoughts on membership and donations soon.

-- Work for the 6th issue of ONE+ONE filmmakers journal is already Underway and they are looking for proposals from writers, filmmakers and theorists who are interested in breaking new ground, in unique discussions and challenges. The deadline for articles is 1st February 2011. Further information on submissions can be viewed at

E-mail: submissions@filmmakersjournal.co.uk


If you cannot make our Sunday Meetings at 6pm upstairs at the Marwood, please post your info before Tuesday morning to be included in that weeks' Bulletin. You can also add new information directly onto the BFC website www.filmcoalition.co.uk/

Extra news throughout the week can be posted on the website and our two Facebook pages. No naughty stuff please... that means all paid expenses and feeding people if you're crewing/casting.

If I have missed any news or details please blame someone else or let me know so I can get the correct information out.

(Emma ‘YoMoFo’ Bailey)


Emma.Bailey@filmcoalition.co.uk - Co-Head
Adrian.Worsfold@filmcoalition.co.uk - Co-Head
Elena.Saorin@filmcoalition.co.uk - Workshop Coordinator
Jill.Ahrens@filmcoalition.co.uk - Communications Coordinator
Sarah.Saeed@filmcoalition.co.uk - Events Coordinator
Murray.Hecht@filmcoalition.co.uk - Film Challenge Coordinator

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Weekly Bulletin 01/12/10

Please remember that this is the core method of providing our members with news, updates, casting/crewing calls and important coalition information.

5. FILM CHALLENGES...film challenge coordinator needed

Keep an eye out on the website for extra news and information:





--Message from Stephan Silver
I am in the process of getting some furniture protoypes made that will be part of a new furniture collection of my architecture and design company: Xobo Design

We are looking for an interior setting to take photos and possibly video.

We are basically looking for an empty shell, neutral space.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Phone: 07876 452 190


3. PROPS -



--We are always looking for volunteers to setup or run workshops and share their skills and knowledge to help the other coalition members.
If you think you can help please contact us
Email: bfccoalition@googlemail.com

--We have decided to postpone the advanced scriptwriting workshop until the new year as we didn't want to split the course over Christmas and disrupt your creative flow. We also want to advertise it a little more and let people know that they will be getting a 10 week course with Gary mepsted, a script and creative writing tutor. If your interested (some of you are already) then please email.
Email: bfccoalition@googlemail.com



--We are still looking for a film challenge coordinator to help us plan out future challenges and assist us and members organise them. We need dedicated people who have done challenges before and understand the spirit of the challenge and why we run them while working closely with the rest of our team. This is a named position with guidelines to work to. please email us your interest.
Email: bfccoalition@googlemail.com

--Anyone is allowed to come forward propose and set-up a challenge, so come on get involved and pitch your ideas to us. There is alot of help so no need to be scared !

The next challenge will most likely be starting late January to early February. This is to give us time to organise, advertise and plan for the LFC and WYIFN to be involved.



--Dont forget next tuesday is Son of Movie bar and the last one run by Terry and Luther so make sure you go along and show some support for our cousins and the effort adn work they have put into the movie bar. !
Tuesday 7th December at the cornerstone pub, elm grove


--Cinecity are having a day of shorts. its worth a look as most of our output is in the short form and would be good to see what our peers are upto !



7.WEBSITE UPDATES - www.filmcoalition.co.uk

--Plans are a foot in the tarting up process, any points you want to
add, please contact us.

--Register on the Coalition site, use its features, add content. Help us
build a local database of resources.

Sign-up page: http://filmcoalition.co.uk/brighton/join.php



--BFI is to take over the uk film Councils duties and the local screen will have a name change and broader scope of related media they will support. Have a google search for uk film council news and get upto date !

--Look out for a few surveys coming your way soon on aspects of the coalition and some new features. We would appreciate everyone taking part. They wont be long. More info coming soon

--Also needing a rota system to take the weekly meetings.. Adrian and
myself are not able to take every meeting so some support for your
group will be much appreciated. We will approach trusted members to help ;)

--Studio for hire.. !
Studio 13 at Lansdowne Mews is renting itself out. It charges a
friendly hourly rate and is 5 mins from the sea front and 20 minute
walk from Brighton town centre, surrounded by shops. Please e-mail
if you would like to see photographs or ring Emma on

--Any info on local and national events related to our interests, let us
know or add it to the main website.



Anyone who can't make meetings, post your info before Tuesday morning to be included in that weeks posting.
You can also add new information directly onto the coalition website.

If I have missed any news or details please blame someone else or let me know so I can get the correct information out.

Extra news throughout the week can be posted on the website and FB page...No naughty stuff please! All paid expenses and feeding people if you're crewing/casting.

adrian "Did you say something?" worsfooldafoolfold