Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weekly Bulletin 19/07/11

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 -If you would like to propose holding a workshop for the BFC please contact the workshops coordinator Elena Saorin.

Email: Elena.Saorin[at]filmcoalition.co.uk



- The next MovieBar will take place 7.30pm Monday 1st of August at its new home upstairs in the Caroline of Brunswick. The line-up features a few films made by or with the help of BFC members, including Anthony Carpendale's three trailers produced for the 48 hour film challenge and Andy Nicholls' epic and ambitious short Straight Out. There will also be a premiere of Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw - a horror comedy made by  BFC co-head and MovieBar organiser Chris Regan.

You can see the full line-up here - http://www.moviebar.co.uk/2011/07/moviebar-1st-august-2011-line-up.html

- Another Brighton filmmaker Dan Grasskamp, has entered his short into Shooting People's Film of the Month which you can see here - http://shootingpeople.org/watch/98883/Daddy_and_the_Deer

- Two BFC members have entered short films into the Virgin Media Shorts competition -

Jason Davison - Mobius Dick (pt1) - http://www.virginmediashorts.co.uk/film/1597/mobius-dick-pt1

Gavin O'Mally-Richardson & Tom Kelly - Last Days Of Summer - http://www.virginmediashorts.co.uk/film/1744/last-days-of-summer

Please show your support and watch the films. Also if anyone else has submitted a film please let us know.



- As a result of the film challenge, there are now seven short films in production, centred around dialogue, to be completed by Monday 15th August. They are:

"Down with Mandy" by Frances Lee

"Hello" by Tim Pieraccini

"Dusa" by Judy Upton

"Full Moon" by Philippa Hammond

"The Lift" by Dick Douglass

"Overheard from the Gutter" by Richard Conolly

"Conversation with Yourself" by William Ranieri



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- Blogs, Articles, Tutorials !! If anyone would like to write blogs or small articles on relevant filmmaking topics then please get in touch. We would love to start getting members more involved with generating online content when the new website is up and running. The kind of thing we are looking for is perhaps a small article on some of the best websites for scriptwriting information and advice or an article on how to use crowd funding sites. New articles and blogs will be linked here. If you are interested please contact.



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